Reading slumps and my first year at Uni…

…and she was filled with the conviction that nothing she had to say was worth committing to paper” – Laura Barnett, ‘The Versions of Us‘. 


As a student of English Literature the title of this blog post sounds like a complete contrast to what my life revolves around: books. However, I have been in the midst of a reading slump for the last few months, feeling unable to pick up a book either for University or leisure without being filled with dread. This is neither good for my studies nor my growth as a person, having always loved books this change is particularly unsettling as I can’t seem to find an explanation for the sudden distaste for it.

My current theory revolves around my experience at my first year of University. Having always being an organised and conscientious student I naturally thought I would love the structure of University and the amount of independent study that was encouraged. Oh, how I underestimated the amount of pressure that comes with being in a room full of extremely talented people! The competitive nature of being heard and validating your claims as well as being original and engaging is a lot to take on and has completely exhausted and somewhat demotivated me in the last few months;  in theory explaining the reading slump I am now in.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love University,  but for any new students I think almost everyone experiences this change of pace.

So my open question to the world is how do other students deal with this, if you do at all? Does anyone else struggle with the competitiveness and the pressure of producing original engaging work? If anyone has any other worries I’d love to hear them so we can all help one another!

Until next time xx


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